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My mental health is just a sick game to you, isn't it?

Rack'em up, let's play again.

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Birthdate:Aug 12

I'm lost. I've gone to look for Myself. If I should return before I get back... please ask me to wait.


As the banner above says, this journal is FRIENDS ONLY.

My friending policy is simple: click on the banner and tell me who you are. Odds are, I will friend you back, unless, of course, I'm not sure who you are or if we don't have enough in common.

My journal is not anything special, but it's mine, and I post what i want, *when* and *how* I see fit. My opinion is mine, and I feel free to share it when and how I like in my journal. If you don't like it... well... tough.

I swear. Not a lot, and not all the time, but a fair amount.

I rant... sometimes about the most inane things.

I am not normal... you should learn that now.

If any of the above bothers you, you might want to rethink friending me.


I like to play around in Photoshop... making icons and wallpapers. And while I am not a creative genius, I do have fun doing so, and once in a while I crank out a pretty decent picture. Any brushes, gradients or textures that aren't mine, are given their due credit here. If I've snagged a brush, texture or gradient you recognize as yours, and I've not credited you, tis not intentional... but please, let me know, and I will give you your due credit!

On occasion, I enter contests for icons and such... and sometimes, I actually place! My awards for these contests can be found here.


Because Mary is so right...


Grab your happy!!


what the FRIENDS say about tay:

gsobsess: "For a Tayter bug you are quite tall, And the greatest pouncer of them all!"

shakayla: "My Chum is fiercely loyal to her friends - standing by them through the best and worst of times!! She is tons of fun in a pillow fight and, other than her GunSmoke obsession, I wouldn't change one damn thing about her!! ROFL!! (sorry, couldn't resist) Oh, and before I forget, she NEEDS to answer Minerva's call..."

leetah47: "My pal is a great friend, a fair list mommy, and the best writer! She is fun, honest and doesn't take crap from no one!"

flarn_chef: "I know for a fact, you can no longer eat babies... they upset your delicate disposition.

You are my supplier, man. I am an addict and you have graciously offered material to curb my need and fend off GS withdrawal.

Had your parents known back before you were born, Coca Cola might have been your middle name.

You have a fly problem............ when it relates to Matt Dillon's pants!

Since you are not the love child of Kitty Russell and Matt Dillon, carnal thoughts of the couple do not preclude you!"


I claimed Lauren Lane & Daniel Davis as my Soulmates @ soulmate_claims!

Interests (64):

adama and roslin, albus and minerva, amanda blake, another world, battlestar galactica, brenda and sharon, brenda leigh johnson, bridger and westphalen, candy canes, carl and rachel, carol burnett, cc and sophia, charles and laura, charles keating, clarisse and joseph, classic movies, daniel davis, deborah kerr, disaster movies, edward james olmos, fanfic, for all time, frank sinatra, ghost and mrs. muir, gunsmoke, hawkeye and elizabeth, hector elizondo, james arness, joan crawford, john and helena, judith mcconnell, julie andrews, kyra sedgwick, lauren lane, losing chase, maggie smith, mannheim steamroller, marshal matt dillon, mary mcdonnell, matt and kitty, miss kitty, mission: impossible, monkeys, nathan and kristin, niles and cc, old romance, one special night, picard and crusher, richard dean anderson, rollin and cinnamon, roy scheider, sam and julie, seaquest, sharon raydor, space: 1999, star trek, stargate sg-1, stephanie beacham, sunflower seeds, the closer, travel, victoria wyndham, writing, yanni
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